Temporary? Sewage from the Washington Post

The Washington Post has slyly entered the liberal media campaign against D. Rump (take the pledge to *NOT* give his full name social media hits as well as to document whence come his policy proposals) by temporarily publishing a cartoon depicting Cruz’s children as monkeys. Nice play Post – if you no longer care about your integrity and reputation as an actual news outlet and home to journalists. Let’s review: 1) You gave Cruz a media storm 2) You created sympathy for Cruz amongst the folks who are certain of your liberal bias 3) You admitted that your editor is completely asleep at the switch 4) You lowered yourself to the rung of publications several layers of sewage below the surface where it is perfectly fine to attack innocent children 5) You washed your hands of all this with a note 6) Good luck with the hand washing, Pilate – at least it is sewage, not blood.

Anyone who believes this was inadvertent likely believes you are an objective source of news. Shame on them. Shame on you.


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2 Responses to Temporary? Sewage from the Washington Post

  1. The cartoonist should have just portrayed the kids as pawns on a chessboard. That’s what they were to both Cruz and the Post.

    • rsiz says:

      I’m sure not what leads you to say Cruz used his children as pawns. This is the sort of sentiment that is typical of folks who want to diminish someone by an unsubstantiated backhand slap. I waffled a bit about even allowing it, but I think folks who read my blog will recognize it for exactly what it is. Don’t be too surprised if further similar replies are marked spam and discarded.

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