Short and sweet: What do you think of when you hear “Republicans?”

Oddly this was a discussion topic on Amazon. Most of it was vitriol from folks who have been schooled to hate Republicans. As a Republican, I know we get a bad rap and often our predominant touted feature is a confusion that we are against stated goals rather than being against the stated means of attempting to achieve those goals.

So here is my answer: What do you think of when you hear “Republicans?”

Folks who want to efficiently create a safe and prosperous society who end up spending all their time trying to stop the Democrats from pursuing stupid, hateful, and wasteful policies that would never work to achieve the laudable goals they claim the policies pursue. Unfortunately the Republicans are then cast as being against those goals, most of which they also support.


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2 Responses to Short and sweet: What do you think of when you hear “Republicans?”

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  2. rsiz says:

    And now (post Nov. 2014 election wins) the challenge to brink forth sensible strategies to achieve good goals falls squarely on Republicans. Let’s remember you can get a lot done if you just don’t care about who gets the credit. Maybe just now we Republicans should strive for the last two years of Obama to be the most productive of any President in history. Craft good bills to achieve mutually agreed goals so you can give Obama layups. People remember Stockman AND Malone (the Mailman). My suggestion is that conservative Republicans can play a key role in ending two crazy things: We spend enough to have no one legally in the US in poverty and we have way too many people in jail because of systems set up to empower criminals. Let’s try the #SAFE_DEAL and #IMPOVERISH_DRUG_LORDS !

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