New Oracle CEOs “Hurd ‘n’ Catz”: This should be great

“Hurd’n’Catz” – I’ve always liked Larry, and especially in the old unscripted public discussions of technology. The best one I was at was at the Fairmont in 1994, but I’m biased because I was the MC. Larry and Ron Wohl were on hand for a general question and answer session instead of having a keynote talk at a particularly robust OAUG conference. After a few questions from the audience it turned into a snappy debate between Ron and Larry about how the future of some pretty doggone important things to the entire audience were going to go. I barely had to egg them on. It was real and it was useful. I think Larry was genuinely disappointed we had to stop when it was time for the vendor sponsored cocktail reception. I wish Larry well and I would not begrudge him for a second letting go of pain in the butt day to day control. I would also not underestimate the value of Larry just having fun taking a look at the technology base he controls. And he’ll still be in charge of the overall strategy – just not stuck with the day to day pain in the butt execution details. This all seems perfect to me. Mark Hurd and Safra Catz run their portfolios like well-oiled machines. By giving up being CEO Larry can be the Chairman of the Board and still runs the hardware and software development pieces he’ll have fun with. I’m surprised the stock didn’t go up! And Larry, if you ever want me to moderate a talk like that again I’m pretty sure I can clear up my dance card. All the best!


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One Response to New Oracle CEOs “Hurd ‘n’ Catz”: This should be great

  1. Ben says:

    I think that Larry wanted to focus more on core technology at Oracle versus pure business much like how Bill Gates gave up Microsoft CEO to focus on technology.

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