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Why we should eliminate corporate INCOME taxes.

Another message from “Farnham for US Senate” Lately, there has been a lot of news about “corporate inversion.” Essentially a large US based corporation essentially buys a foreign company based in a country with lower corporate income tax rates,┬ábut designates … Continue reading

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Some folks are STILL trying to justify violence on religious grounds. Very sad.

Christ was very clear “Love your neighbor and your enemy as yourself.” You can SAY you’re Christian and do hateful things all the time, and none of us is perfect (Methodists like to say we’re trying to keep on a … Continue reading

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I’ve Got A Ram

Just in case anyone thinks I might lack the passion to make happen what I say I will make happen (end domestic poverty and the war on drugs together with all its bad effects, for starters), here is this link … Continue reading

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Reluctantly campaign fund-raising begins for “Farnham for US Senate”

Plan A was that social media would erupt in response to my proposals for a guaranteed minimum income for persons legally in the country (which costs about the same as the controlled dole method we currently use but leaves far … Continue reading

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Here is the link.    

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