Tuesday at Oracle Open World 2013

Another day at Oracle Open World: Oaktable World “Ted” talk about why you should join IOUG in particular and relevant users groups in general by yours truly, great hacking session by Tanel, using judgment and skill in describing performance by Cary Millsap, the best session ever by Jonathan Lewis and Maria Colgan (self appraisal by JL with which I agree) back at the official conference, and then a world class reception with the folks from Delphix. A bit exhausted, which I hate to admit, but I obsess over presentations and I’ve given 3 in 3 days and I’m glad today’s was only 18 minutes!

Now that’s the summary I put up on facebook.

The day actually started with a conference with IOUG super staff person Alexis Bauer Kolak, DBTA contacts, brand new IOUG executive director Josh Berman, and a follow up with Scott McNeil and Steve Lemme of Oracle. Seems like everyone wants to cooperate to make IOUG an essential source of truth and goodness.

Then I had a wonderful chat with George Buzsaki and Kevin Hudson at their Oracle demo pod about their choice to duplicate the file structure for the middle tier for editions based continuous run patching: They were a bit surprised to hear that I endorsed this choice, as they have gotten a fair amount of negative feedback. True, you *could* concoct something like symbolic link structure to avoid duplication of files that have not changed. But that would be a lot more moving parts and a lot more things that could go wrong. Disk IS cheap, and one duplication is well worth the cost to make the process more reliable. The editions “magic” in the database which makes this possible is complicated enough, but that just cannot be simpler and still work properly.

I followed the legendary Mogens Langballe Norgaard’s “Ted” talk at Oaktable world (which was fabulous: We do not use scripts that you (Oracle) will not certify are harmless to our system, in re: license audits.) I started my talk by saying you should always make sure you do not follow Mogens on any agenda, anywhere, because you’re bound to be a letdown. I let my passion about user’s groups show a bit and that seemed to be well-received. User’s groups are a requirement to make Oracle better, make the users themselves better leverage Oracle technology, and to aggregate a strong useful message from the users to Oracle that can be heard on essential issues. It helped that I also proclaimed at the outset this was a technical content free presentation that would be as short as I could make it while still delivering the message. My friend, Kyle Hailey, said one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten: “That was the first presentation about joining user groups I’ve ever heard that was interesting.” (Thank you, Kyle!)

Oaktable world continued after lunch with outstanding presentations from Tanel Poder, Kerry Osbourne, and Cary Millsap.

After an interlude at the beginning of the Delphix reception (Thank you, Kyle), we proceeded to the “Optimizer Boot Camp” that was billed as: Colgan vs Lewis, Oracle vs Independent, Irish vs Welsh, and woman vs man. Each giving 5 tips in alternation, Maria Colgan first and Jonathan Lewis in rejoinder. That is worth an entire blog post of its own. I’ll wait a bit to see whether someone recounts that adequately. For now I’ll just say it was brilliant from start to finish.

Then back to the Delphix reception. That also is a story for another day!

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