Is your good plan and initial implementation being properly maintained?

Whether urban planning or Information Technology Systems, an outside pair of eyes might alert you to something you have gradually become blind to as it accrued. Consider these pictures: Some landscape architect planned ahead for the growth of these trees. Those curbed and slotted sections spread the load to prevent soil compaction, prevent wheeled machinery from coming too close to the tree trunk, and are easy to remove and replace. Unfortunately some time after the design and implementation, the planned replacement as the tree grew was forgotten. An at least annual review of your system implementation documents or just a look by someone from outside your shop might help you from going from the first picture to the second. We (Rightsizing, Inc.) do this sort of thing for Oracle Technology and Business Processes.


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Father and Husband, Oracle Technology Scientist and Consultant, planning to end poverty for citizens and legal US residents Lebanon, NH · See my wife's puzzles at
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