Eight days to go – Who are you voting for in the NH Republican Senatorial Primary?

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Why we should eliminate corporate INCOME taxes.

Another message from “Farnham for US Senate”

Lately, there has been a lot of news about “corporate inversion.” Essentially a large US based corporation essentially buys a foreign company based in a country with lower corporate income tax rates, but designates that the acquisition is now actually the top of the corporate structure. With this stroke of paperwork (producing nothing), the net income after taxes is improved for the stockholders. Aside from the public relations (which might be costly, especially in consumer products), this is what management should do: Maximize the returns to stockholders.

This is just a new wrinkle in the idiocy and waste that is taxing corporations on income.

Since customers pay corporate income taxes anyway, how about we take away the corporate incentive to lobby to complicate the tax code by eliminating the corporate income tax altogether. Now of course they should pay fees for services, such as property tax to pay for police and fire coverage and taxes on gasoline an diesel fuel to build roads and mass transit. But all manner of evil and waste are eliminated at no necessary revenue decrease by ending corporate income taxes. So what happens? Well, first off, the first country to eliminate the corporate income tax wins. (New Hampshire, with no personal income tax, might become a corporate headquarters darling, but that is parochial.) Now, instead of “inversion” acquisitions, companies will race to bring their headquarters and highest paid executives to the US. Sweet. They also will only need one set of books, so “tax accounting” and all the associated distortions and unproductive waste (that currently is very beneficial to the bottom line without producing anything) goes “poof.” Companies will save a (Burger) King’s ransom by not having to do all manner of accounting adjustments to minimize tax. Operations and cost accounting will drive corporate behavior and they will be out of the income tax credit business.

Prices will drop. Profits and dividends will rise. Individuals will get increased income from investments and they will pay tax on that. Everyone wins except the lobbyists and legislators who lobbyists pamper and fund to win favor.

Ending corporate income tax eliminates waste and improper influence by economic force.

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Some folks are STILL trying to justify violence on religious grounds. Very sad.

Christ was very clear “Love your neighbor and your enemy as yourself.” You can SAY you’re Christian and do hateful things all the time, and none of us is perfect (Methodists like to say we’re trying to keep on a walk toward perfection, knowing that is not a walk we will complete), but you really are not a Christian if you are preaching hatred of … any … one … most especially and saying this hatred comes with God’s approval. Sigh. Oh – and the bit about which prophesy is being fulfilled and when – don’t bother. He’s coming back like a thief in the night and no one will know the day or time of His Coming until it happens. Anyone who thinks they can decode specifics out of Revelations is just wrong, from Christ’s own mouth. As for extracting literal rules out of the old testament, that would be a neat trick if anyone could do it figuring translations, symbols, arcana of math and all that, but the new covenant tempered all those things with the rule of Love anyway. So even if you buy as literal the old testament based on Emperor Constantine’s wishes of what it was useful for the Roman empire to include, you have to re-interpret all that in light of the new testament. Christ and Mohammed both ultimately proclaimed the rules of love and peace. So a great cartoon would be Mohammed down in the dumps and Jesus walks by and asks Mo “why so sad Mo?” And Mo replies: “Some people who claim to follow Islam are wantonly killing innocents and it is happening all the time.” Tsk, Tsk, Mo. You gave them some pretty tough rules. Imagine how I feel. I told them to Love One Another and Love their neighbor as themselves, and still I get people killing people in My Name. I did said go and make disciples in all nations. I never said “At the point of a sword!”

So yeah. Even though I’m a published scientist (thanks for the co-author status, Andy. Maybe, as you said, I did earn it – but it was still kind) and I think that if you want to make predictions about what is going to happen on this physical plane you devise theories and methods to test the theories and use the theory that is most likely (given the confidence levels of those test results) to produce a correct result for the situation you face… Even though, that, I think we can improve the world by thinking in term’s of Christ’s Love. Give it a try. You do not have to stop making rational decisions. Now I’ll leave you with a verse, and many of you will probably hum the tune: “Lord I want to be a Christian, In my heart, In me he-art. Lord I want to be a Christian, In my hear.

And seriously, if you’re moved to violence by something, no way you get to claim it was for God.

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I’ve Got A Ram

Just in case anyone thinks I might lack the passion to make happen what I say I will make happen (end domestic poverty and the war on drugs together with all its bad effects, for starters), here is this link to my youtube channel and a song I sang for the Bel Canto benefit concert (sorry in advance for the poor video focus. The sound should be okay).


You can also see me directing the University Chorus of the Upper Valley and plenty of other things on my channel pudge1954.


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Reluctantly campaign fund-raising begins for “Farnham for US Senate”

Plan A was that social media would erupt in response to my proposals for a guaranteed minimum income for persons legally in the country (which costs about the same as the controlled dole method we currently use but leaves far less than the current 12 million plus Americas in deep poverty) and to impoverish the drug lords and take profit driven marketing out of recreational pharmaceuticals by ending the drug war and making everything legal.

(If you haven’t heard me speak about why those both work, look to this blog. My son is getting married this weekend, but I’ll have detailed posting on each of my key proposals by the end of next week. I look forward to addressing your comments and questions.)

But Plan A is not in evidence.

So, reluctantly, I have filed notice of a campaign committee with the state of NH (and I will file with the FEC within the allotted time if I cross the $5,000 aggregate contribution limit). I’ve also cleared my paypal account at mwf@rsiz.com down to zero dollars so I can immediately begin accepting donations electronically without co-mingling funds.

The name of the campaign committee is “Farnham for US Senate”.

If you want to send physical checks, send them to:

Farnham for US Senate
c/o Mark W. Farnham
36 West Street
Lebanon, NH 03766

 The feds have different levels of identification required for different sizes of contributions. For consistency and transparency, I am going to ask that you give me the full identification for any contribution (and expect this to be posted to the feds, the state, and on my reports). I think the voting public has a right to know who has sent me money even though that does not imply they agree with me or I agree with them about anything.

“For contributions exceeding $200, the complete identification of the contributor (full name and mailing address, occupation and employer), as well as the amount and date of receipt of the contribution.”

I’ll know the amounts and dates of receipt. But please include your full legal name, mailing address, occupation, and employer if you send me a check.

I’m not going to deal with cash coming into the campaign coffers. If I get cash, it will be recorded and immediately donated to the Lebanon United Methodist Church simply because that is the easiest rule to comply with about anonymous cash receipts. (Any legal purpose not related to the campaign.)

If you want to send money to the campaign via paypal, again, the mwf@rsiz.com account has been set aside for that purpose. Please use the subject line “Farnham for US Senate” and include your full legal name, mailing address, occupation, and employer in the comment space.

I will be returning funds I cannot identify.

Now – how do I plan to use the funds?

First, what I will *not* do:

1) Litter the roadsides with banners with my name. If you’re swayed more by how many times you see a name than my ideas and what I will push in the Senate, you are probably not going to vote for me.

2) Phone calls, robot dialing, push polls, or a bunch of post cards in your mailbox or hangers on your door knobs. These are apparently all great on the ground tactics, but I just cannot stand being associated with making those interruptions and generating that waste and litter. (The only phone calls I plan to make are to editors and the like to schedule interviews and see if any reporters want to directly ask me questions. Those will all be me, in person, and not some recording.)

3) Spam mail (e- or snail). Possibly by request I’ll have available printed hard copy of my principles, polices, and proposals available, but I hope to minimize my campaign’s footprint on the environment as much as possible.

4) Anything else that seems to me like an unwanted intrusion.

Now, what I will do:

1) Buy those cute little text boxes “transaction ads” and classified advertising in newspapers featuring the url to this blog and specific posts on this blog and my youtube account “pudge1954.”

2) Travel expenses and reception type food and beverage to any gathering that will have me (probably first come, first served, with a preference for places I get to talk at least a half hour and then answer questions over “debates” where I get one twelfth of the elapsed time and might end up spending 90 minutes for an aggregate of 8 minutes of communication. If we get to the general election, I suppose getting half of the time when the moderator is not speaking will be sufficient.) Still, I’m not saying no to any debates, just a preference for me getting to give folks a serious overview of an issue instead of a calculated sound bit.

3) Keeping my campaign finance transparent and in compliance with all the rules. (The State of NH online campaign finance guide is so big I have yet to successfully download a full copy.) Once the fund raising total reaches $500 I need to report to NH. And once it reaches $5,000 I need to report to the Feds.

One more thing – I do not want aggregate contributions exceeding $1,000 from anyone. Anything in excess of $1,000 will be returned as soon as I figure out that it was over $1,000 in aggregate from one source.

If you think my ideas are good or if you just think they should get a full airing whether or not you agree with any or all of them, please consider a contribution.

Mark W. Farnham

New Hampshire Republican for US Senate


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Here is the link.




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Mark W. Farnham, New Hampshire Republican for US Senate

Watch this space as I ramp up my primary campaign in July. You should already be able to get a sense of who I am from the existing posts on this blog. But I’m sure you will want to know more before you line up to vote for me on September 9th in the primary election.


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